Friday, October 15, 2010

Icky Food can Taste Good!


Dear readers,

Remember when just the thought of vegetables made you make this face? You used to ask “Why does everything good for us have to taste so bad?!” Unfortunately, some things never change, and kids these days still don’t like vegetables. In fact, 47% of children and young Canadians aged 12-19 don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables each day according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada2.

In this day and age where heart disease and diabetes are at an all time high, it is even more important to educate our children about the risks associated with poor eating habits. Parents have a lot of barriers to overcome when it comes to healthy eating such as cost, taste, and convenience; but it is not impossible. This blog is going to focus on cheap, tasty, and fast meals that will encourage your children to consume a more balanced diet. It will also include how to get your children more involved with the food they are eating, basic food safety, what a balanced meal looks like, and other tips on getting your children to develop a healthy life style.

Hope you enjoy!

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